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Matic Network + D¢ENT Co. Partnership

Not only has the entire crypto market seen some huge wins over the past few weeks, so has D¢ENT Co. You can read all about our January accomplishments here.

But one of the biggest developments to come in the first month of 2021 was officially establishing a partnership with Matic Network! If you are unfamiliar with Matic, they are a second layer scaling solution for Ethereum, allowing dApps to run on an Ethereum side-chain that is faster and requires a fraction of the gas fees to execute smart contracts when compared to on-chain transactions. They have proven themselves to be one of the most trusted scaling solutions available, which has allowed them to attract some huge players to their network such as Aavegotchi, Polymarket, Somnium Space, and more.

What does this mean for D¢ENT Co.? A more streamlined NFT authentication system and FREE NFT redemption on all UnLtd. Collection products!


Matic Integration

With ETH’s gas prices going as parabolic as ETH’s value, we can no longer issue our UnLtd. Authentication NFTs the way we used to. Granted, our original solution was only meant to be a temporary PoC. 

Previously, the process for customers to self-certify their product and redeem their token was largely manual. Upon completing the redemption process their request would be cross-referenced against the order details (email, order number, etc) and those submissions that met the requirements would be packaged into the necessary token metadata and delivered to an operator (a human) who would manually mint and issue the token. Gas fees for minting were paid (in part) by the customer upfront (but with these fees skyrocketing oftentimes it only covered a small percentage of the needed gas.)

Enter PROJECT: UnLtd. Mint — When we release our forthcoming Matic integration to the public this process will be 100% automated and 100% FREE to our customers. We will pay the Matic gas fees for you, which will only be fractions of a penny per mint. At the moment we can’t go into more detail as it is still in development. But we are hoping to launch this feature by the end of March.


GitCoin Grant Campaign

D¢ENT Co. is a division of Invisible Hand Ventures, an early-stage startup with BIG aspirations! As a fledgling technology company focused on ‘phygital” experiences (physical+digital) that’s pre-seed in regards to funding, we are calling upon the NFT enthusiasts and greater crypto community to help fund our growth at this critical stage.

With this in mind, we have launched a grant campaign on the leading blockchain project funding site, GitCoin that is live right now. So far Matic has issued a generous $2k grant to help us expand our development capacity. If you love to see innovation in this space a contribution of any size will help us fast track some amazing new NFT experiences that will add value to the entire NFT sector… Not just this project. Seriously, even a donation of $1 will go further than you can imagine (thanks to GitCoins quadratic funding method). Check out the campaign here.


Free UnLtd. NFTs

“Wait, did you say free NFTs?” Yes, you read that correctly. But we’ll do you one better. Not only will NFT authentication be free once we launch the UnLtd. Mint… We decided to go ahead and make them free immediately! As of today all purchases of UnLtd. Collection goods will come with free authentication. There’s only one catch, redemption will commence once the UnLtd. Mint goes live. All customers will be notified when redemption commences. In addition, early adopters may find themselves getting a little more value than they bargained for. We’ll just leave it at that.

We look forward to sharing more updates, creating more market value, and continuing to connect with this amazing community of innovators and forward-thinkers!


For updates be sure to follow us on Twitter and Flote, and join our email list and/or subscribe for push notifications by clicking the bell icon in the lower right corner… That way you’ll never miss an exclusive product drop.

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