January 2021 In Review

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Much Wow! What a month! As the world focuses on market manipulation, mooning meme coins and new ATHs, we have been working to build next-level NFT experiences. Here’s what happened in January.


🤝 ARK/MarketSquare Partnership

We partnered with the ARK Ecosystem and their soon-to-launch community, MarketSquare. In addition to being early adopters to this exciting new community, we will be providing merchandising services to ARK, MarketSquare, and possibly even their other partners. The first collab on our agenda is the creation of an exclusive product bundle for their partner brands. Following that up, we will be releasing a line of limited-edition apparel and accessories for the dedicated ARK community!

Check out ARK’s writeup on the partnership!


🤝 Matic Partnership

Although the official announcement is coming mere hours after this post, we are happy to reveal our latest partnership with Matic Network. This is a strategic technical partnership that will take our NFT interactions to a whole new level, the likes of which the NFT space has not yet seen.

Want more details? You got ’em!


🤖 GitCoin Grant Campaign

In tandem with the Matic Partnership is our freshly launched GitCoin Grant Campaign. This exercise in community crowdfunding is intended to turbocharge the development of our forthcoming Matic integration as well as some innovative new NFT experiences that are in the works. In fact, Matic has already contributed a generous grant of $2k to the cause. A full write-up on this campaign will be published soon. But if you are an NFT collector or crypto enthusiast who likes to invest in the continued growth of this sector, just a few bucks will go a long way to help us pioneer groundbreaking new technologies that will add value to the entire NFT ecosystem. What do ya say?


🧑‍💻 We’re Hiring!

D¢ENT Co./Invisible Hand Ventures is looking for a few good humans. We currently have two open job requisites to streamline our product and expand our reach within this awesome community… And we’re interviewing now! The open roles are VP of Engineering and Marketing/Community Manager. Interested? We want to hear from you!


🪂 New Product Drops

I know, I know. It’s been a hot minute since some fresh threads have been added to the UnLtd. Collection, but we’ve been busy (obvi). However, that excuse has worn thinner than the ass on your favorite pair of Levi’s. With that said, we’ve released two new products with an evergreen message… BTFD¢ (embroidered dad hat) and “Strong Hands, Secure Markets” (graphic tee). We’ll be dropping new designs and products much more regularly… pinky-swear!

Shop the expanding UnLtd. Collection now.


🌊 Making Nifty ‘lil Waves

Last but not least, our projects and partnerships have been getting noticed and are being reported on by some prominent social media influencers. At this stage sharing our content and announcements on social media is just about the most valuable and helpful thing you can do. Dare I say, it’s even more important than shopping at dcentlife.io (which we hope you’ll do too).


That wraps up our January 2021 review. We hope to make our February review a total Chad by comparison. 

For updates be sure to follow us on Twitter and Flote, and join our email list and/or subscribe for push notifications by clicking the bell icon in the lower right corner.. That way you’ll never miss an exclusive product drop.

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