🍍Announcing🍍 Don’t $hop MEME Limited-Edition Goods!

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So, you survived a fruitful DeFi Summer and all you’ve got to show for it is some Sushi, Yams and Pineapples? Well, now you can get a t-shirt too… A Limited-Edition MEME Series shirt from D¢ENT Co. How bout them pineapples?

That’s right! Your favorite NFT Farming DeFi protocol, MEME has teamed up with the NFT enhanced crypto-lifestyle brand D¢ENT Co. to bring a whole new layer of value to your farmed digital collectible. The first series features four of MEME’s most popular NFTs that have now evolved into real-world products. These products are exclusively available to hodlers of the respective NFTs. That means the only way to get your hands on a shirt, hoodie or canvas print is by farming via dontbuymeme.com or purchasing the NFT from opensea.io.

How is this possible? MEME MAGIC! (aka, some creative programming) This collaboration is the first in a new line called the Key Art Collection, in which specific NFTs are designated as keys to unlock exclusive products. Put simply, just login with the wallet in which you hold your NFT and the website will recognize whether you are the owner of the NFT Key, granting you access. Unauthorized would-be shoppers will be redirected to purchase the necessary NFT.

What’s more, each item is even MORE limited than the underlying NFT! That means not everyone who holds one of the featured NFTs will have the chance to get a hold of it’s D¢ENT Co. counterpart. Only those who act quickly will be able to secure their bounty.

Here is how the initial product offering looks:

Meme Grail Relic
NFTs = 10,000
Products = 1,000 (per product type)
Ratio = 10:1

Andre Cronje Common
NFTs = 1,000
Products = 500
Ratio = 2:1

Vitalik Buterin Rare
NFTs = 100
Products = 50
Ratio = 2:1

Satoshi Legendary
NFTs = 10
Products = 10
Ratio = 1:1

On top of this experiment in “phygital” goods (physical+digital) every item in the MEME Series, and future Key Art lines, comes with an UnLtd. Authenticity Token. This is an NFT that enshrines the authenticity and ownership of your goods immutably on the Ethereum blockchain. D¢ENT Co. uses a process of self-certification to confirm receipt and ownership of each product they sell. More information on the process can be found here.

This NFT technology is already in use with their UnLtd. Collection in which the addition of an UnLtd. Token is an optional upgrade.

However, those who redeem their token in the MEME Series will eventually be able to use that NFT as a key to unlock future ultra-exclusive products. 

So, Meme-Warriors and Degens, Don’t $hop Meme Limited-Edition Goods Now!!!

2020 has unequivocally been the year of DeFi, and 2021 is shaping up to be the year of NFTs. MEME and D¢ENT Co. are positioning themselves to be the heralds of this new exciting epoch in the cryptoverse!

It’s only fitting that October will see HallowMEME become the catalyst of the coming trend. With that in mind D¢ENT Co. is preparing some tricks and some treats which will soon be knocking on your door. One of which is their Flote MEME Competition which concludes on All Hallows’ Eve!

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